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  • Alfatos Pet


    • Promotes the secretion of digestive enzymes

    • Helps in improving weakness , debility ,lethargy

    • Facilitates recovery in post operative conditions

    • Helps in synthesis of immunoglobulin , collagen & enzymes

    • Bulids the strong immune system, healthy digestion & absorption of nutrients of pet food


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  • Arthrotos Pet


    For Joints & Muscular Pain


    • For  pain, swelling & stiffness of joints

    • Pain with dystopis, lameness, fracture, dislocations & injury

    • Effective in arthritis, osteoarthritis, muscle pain & neuritis

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  • Dermitos Pet



    • Relieve the dry & rough skin complains

    •Severe itching, scaling, ozzing & redness

    •Effective in eczema, contact dermatitis

    •Chronic air born allergies causing constant scratching & flaky skin

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  • Digitos Pet


    • Actively assist in digestion & absorption of nutrients of pet food

    • Gas , tympani & indigestion

    • Corrects the ph balance of digestive tract

    • Improves the appetite

    • Relieves the constipation.

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    Entrotos Pet


    • Relieves the bloody diarrhea

    • Mixed infection caused by aerobic, anaerobic bacteria & protozoans

    • Effective on multi drug resistant bacteria.

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  • Fertos Pet


    • Helps in foetal groeth

    •Improves the conception rate in breeder

    •For proper development of genital organs

    •Supports the reproductive & birthing process

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  • Healtos Pet


    • Promotes new & old wound healing

    •Soothes the cuts , abrasions & irritation of skin

    •Assists in healing of burns , cracks & ulcers

    •Promotes the healthy granulation & facilitates healing process

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