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Enhances memory power •  Addresses in developmental period. •  Boost analytic, perception & motor skill. •  Attention, emotion & learning Skills •  improves recollection & retention.

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Each un-coated contains: Brahami 30C 0.01ml, Anacadium 30C 0.01ml, Acid Picric 30C 0.01ml, Cina 30C 0.01ml, Kali Phos. 3X 30mg, Acid Phos. 3X 30mg, Lactose Q.S.

In Adults & Aged Period ( Indication ):

Mild cognitive impairment i.e. Dmentia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, post cerebral-vascular stoke •   Orientation & attention improvement.  • Senile changes in brain.

Dosage Guidelines

Children: 2 tablets/3 times daily

Adult: 4 tablets /3 times daily Or As Prescribed by the Physician.

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