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Relieve the dry & rough skin complains. •Severe itching, scaling, ozzing & redness. •Effective in eczema, contact dermatitis. •Chronic air born allergies causing constant scratching & flaky skin.

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Active ingredients: Sulphur 200, Thuja 30, Graphitis 200, Psorinum200, Ferr. Phos 30

Inactive ingredients : Glycerin, Purified water

Presentation : 30 ml., 50 ml.

Dosage Guideline

Pupps & Kittens                  Dog & Cat                          Period

Acute        3 sprays 5 times/daily5     5 sprays 5 times/daily    5-7 days

Chronic    3 sprays 3times/daily       5 sprays 3 times/daily     20-30 days

Or as Prescribed by the Physician.

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