Repose Drops



• Sleeplessness i.e. Psychiatric, environmental, traveller’s

•  Prolonged Sleep onset latency

•  Disturbed of sleep maintenance

• Transient insomnia due to depression, stress

• Abuse of sleeping pills, narcotics, caffeine etc.

•  Poor Sleep quality due to restless legs, sleep deprivation, sleep apnoea

•  Anxiety disorders

• Night Walking

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Composition : Each 10ml Contains

Passiflora Ln. 2X 2.0ml, Avena Sativa 4X 3.0ml, Belladonna 4X 2.0ml, Ferrum Phos. 30C 1.5ml, Magnesium Phos. 30C 1.5ml, Aqua Base Q.S.

Dosage Guidelines – Children: 

15-20 drops in 1/4 cup of normal water /2 times daily. or as prescribed by the physician.

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30 ML

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