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For Renal Stone & colic •  For all type of renal stones •  calcium stones(Calciumoxalate, calcium phosphate), uric acid stone, struvite stone, cystine stone  • Heps in breakage of stones & recurrent stone formation. •  Maintains kidney fluid & electrolyte balance.

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Berbis Vulgaris MT 10% v/v, Sarsaparilla MT 10% v/v, Occimum Canum MT 10% v/v, Solidago Vigaurea MT 10% v/v, Pareira Brava MT 10% v/v, Senecio Aureus MT 10% v/v, Excipient Q.S., Alcohol Content 61% v/v.

Dosage Guidelines – Children: 

10-12  drops in 1/4 cup of normal water /3 times daily. Or as prescribed by the physician.


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30 ML

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