Scientific Weight Management

What is Holistic Health Philosophy?

A Unique fully comprehensive, customized regime that combines personal fitness and well-being sessions, nutritional therapy and motivational coaching along with homeopathic health supplement to help you make effortless changes, optimizing your energy and accelerating your weight loss.

It’s time to try a different approach Imagine a life free from weight worries. Where success means much more than a number on a scale, Where individual come to find lasting change.

  • Individualization
  • Weight Management & Well Being
  • Transformation
  • Maintenance

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What is Included

It’s a core and edge of homeopathy, the INDIVIDUALIZATION. It’s a process by which we understand & analyze YOU. It’s about yourself, your liking & disliking, your personal lifestyle, your traits & inheritance.

After understanding you as an individual, a completely unique, customized homeopathic health supplement has been designed for you which not only take care of your weight but also for extra calories & fat. It will also enhance your energy & enthusiasm for a complete sense of well being. In this stage discover a real, practical solution for losing weight and keeping it off.

It’s a journey of becoming extraordinary you from an ordinary you. It’s a process by which you will get the fitness that fits you. Get the restoration of your inner self & unleash your hidden potential. Reaching the highest ideal of health through homeopathy.

Now that you have reached your weight goals, it’s important to maintain your ideal weight and remain actively healthy, by being creative and inventive with your diet, you will really start enjoying the benefits of your new healthy eating plan. During this stage, you will begin to incorporate the rejuvenate principles into your own routines.

Benefits of Holistic Health Approach

  • Detoxification and nourishment of Body.
  • Enjoying natural slim figure at any age without exercise.
  • Enhancing your immunity to long-lasting sustainable health.
  • Lossing excess body fat naturally.
  • Rejuvenation of body.
  • Reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, High BP, stroke, Arthritis, Type II diabetes.
  • Obtaining all multivitamins & minerals through a balanced diet which is necessary for good health.

Rejuvenation Package

  •  Physical assessment (through BCA Machine)
  •  Personality analysis
  •  Personal lifestyle analysis
  •  Personal fitness sessions
  •  Personal assistance
  • Plan designing
    • Homeopathic health supplements
    • Healthy Diet
    • Activity

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